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Disaster Prepardness Seminar – (FHL Disaster Preparation Education Series )

Oct. 5-6 2012.  What will you do when the systems that you depend on for daily life are damaged or destroyed?

Disaster Preparedness Seminar (FHL Disaster Preparedness Education Series)

Disaster Preparedness Seminar

Friday Oct. 5th and 6th . Fri.7pm – Sat. 10-5pm

Pre-registration $20 by Sept. 29th, $30 door Children 6-18 free. No childcare

Location of event: Bread of Life Ministries7510 E County Road 100 N Avon, Indiana 46123

Registration Information

Registration Form: Fill out and send registration and payment to:

Faith Hope and Love International, 8383Craig Street, Ste.335 Indianapolis, IN 46250


FHL Disaster Preparedness Flyer

Disaster Preparedness seminar with Chuck Reber Bio: Chuck is the senior pastor of Shiloh House of Prayer in Virgina. He serves on the Board of Directors for Crisis Response International and serves on the leadership training team at CRI Disaster Response Training events. He also serves as the National Director for developing local Crisis Response Units.

“What will you do when the systems that you depend upon daily for life are damaged or destroyed? Will you have the skills and resources to care for your family and others in need? This seminar will equip you with the knowledge and understanding necessary to develop a plan to save your family and serve your neighbors. A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. (Proverbs 22:3 NLT)”

See Flyer : Some of the topics we will cover include:

Friday night 7 pm: Prophetic Mapping: Responding Strategically to Prophetic Warnings

Saturday 10 – 5 pm – Lunch on own 

•Ten Essential Areas of Personal Preparedness

  1. •Short and Long-Term Food and Water Storage
  2. •Personal Preparedness on a Budget
  3. •10 Things You Can Do Now!
  4. •Preparing a Get-Me-Home Bag for your car and a 72 Hour Bug Out Bag
  5. •Making a Plan to Care for Others
  6. •Medical, First Aid and Sanitation in Crisis
  7. •Developing a Situational Awareness Mindset
  8. •Home and Personal Security in Crisis
  9. •Building a network of like-minded people

Shiloh is an off shoot of CRI “Our purpose is to prepare responders to be ready to serve God and others with a faith-filled response in times of crisis. It is our desire to be prepared practically for times of crisis and to become “a community of refuge and hope” for times of crisis. Our mission is “harvest focused” not “survival focused”. Life in the Kingdom is not about self-preservation but rather laying our lives down and giving our resources away for the sake of sharing His love and mercy.”

See preparedness page at our website for more downloadable information on a variety of topics.

Crisis Reponse International:

CRI “Our vision is to train an army of end time prophetic, mercy missionaries, mobilized in the spirit of night and day prayer, releasing great demonstrations of power, reaching the harvest in crisis and rebuilding cities on the Kingdom of God.”

Crisis Response International is a disaster relief organization that integrates into local, state and federal response efforts through our relationships with community, state and federal level volunteer organizations active in disaster. In the event of a disaster, CRI can assimilate into the Incident Command System (ICS) according to the National Incident Management System. They resources, trains and mobilizes volunteers, churches and other organizations to respond to disasters and other compassion initiatives in the United States and world-wide. CRI is creating a culture of responders to reach the harvest in crisis in our immediate neighborhoods through local outreach and home groups and through national and international deployments CRI provides a model and framework for responding to disaster situations and delivering resources to areas that would otherwise be off-limits to volunteers.

Working from an established field command post alongside other various organizations, CRI manages operations, resources and personnel to carry out various tasks and services. Operations vary upon the size and scope of the disaster. CRI not only focuses on training and equipping volunteers for disaster situations, but it also conducts on-going efforts to help lower-income communities around the world.

Back from the Philippines

Posted on May. 31st 2012 3:27

We just returned this week from the Philippines with an amazing report of what God is doing through CRI. Earlier this month, attendees from the ARC School in South Point, Hawaii deployed to the Philippines.

Our first stop was Manilla where we trained 58 attendees from 10 nations in Asia. The team then traveled on to Cagayan de Oro on the island of Mindanao to train nearly 200 Assembly of God pastors. Our team was privileged to go help prepare the bride of Christ there, as Mindanao is one of the most disaster ridden places on earth. After we taught on both the spiritual and practical aspects of disaster relief, a baptism of fire touched all in the room and a resulting spirit of prayer and impartation came for the harvest field in crisis.

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