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Faith Hope and Love week Summarized

Dear saints,
 If you haven’t seen what took place or weren’t able to be apart of prayer celebration or 24/7, first I want to thank you for praying for us ! Here is a preview of a few events , 24/7 and the prayer celebration. You will see that we indeed did encounter the LORD !! He did come and pour out all week but especially to some whom never experienced him , HE visited in a dramatic way ( see just one account on encounter with God link below). We literally had over 35 teams come to pray and praise and almost filled up every slot of time with a few soaking sessions only left which was needed to rest the support team.
 Please keep praying for the leaders and support team this month as we recover and pray against backlash. There was a price to pay , some are still paying that price. There has also been much blessings and answers also.
ENJOY and please send testimonials back to all of us !   See my FB and or FHL FB for more testimonies and videos.
You will enjoy this testimony !! Read the encounter we had Wed. evening. It was incredible.

Reported by Facundo Cortez, FHL Anderson/Pendleton Area Coordinator

“Today was an extraordinary day as we experience the supernatural pouring out of His Holy Spirit!!!!!!!

We met at WellSpring Church and had our group devotional.  We started the day soaking in God’s presence by being in His Word, praying, worshiping & praising the Lord!  God’s presence was real!  WOW!

Today we had two teams. One team went to Wheeler and another group went to Liberty Christian School to continue the painting project there.

Then the Holy Ghost Fireworks started!!!

Several churches and ministries from the Anderson/Pendleton attended the 24/7 Indy at Creekside Ministries.  It was led by their deaf (ASL) worship team and it was AWESOME!  The presence of the Lord was everywhere!  The power of the Holy Spirit began to be poured out big time!

(Let me say that my religious/church background is not one that normally feels comfortable with magnification of the Holy Spirit. Some of you reading this may not believe or accept the things I am about to share but I ask that you read with an open mind and heart.)

All of sudden, people began to be filled with the Spirit Holy, slain in the Spirit, shaking uncontrollably, speaking in tongues, laughing for no reason!  Some became so drunk in the Spirit that they had to be driven home! Some people were crawling to the altar!  Some were healed of physical sickness!  Others were healed of broken relationships and broken hearts! Others were set free from bondages, generation curses and so much more!!  As people walked thru the prayer tunnel they were also slain in the Holy Spirit. To put it mildly, it was wild!! All of us received the power of the Holy Spirit to do what He wants us to do:  Be his witnesses!  To proclaim boldly the Good News!

If you weren’t there don’t worry The Holy Spirit is coming to a neighborhood near you! I believe that as the momentum continues we will continue to see an outpouring of the Holy Spirit like in the day of Pentecost!  Revival is here NOW! The manifestation of God with signs and wonders is happening NOW!  And they will continue from this day forward!  To God be the glory!”
Bless you , Donna

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