Reflections from 2012 – the goodness of God


I was reflecting on the past year and was blessed how the Lord has blessed the fruit of our hands. I personally was blessed to be able to head up several conferences and or teams etc. all year and experienced many “firsts”. I particularly want to thank the intercessors for praying for us, our core team whom I love to run with and all those who participated in conferences and events, and especially my husband who loves me enough to let me what he calls “ butterfly” as I am sent.

Now to tell our story. The first part of the year was in preparations for the last part although many significant encounters took place and new relationships developed with our intercessors and worship team as well as our core staff during. Many prayers were offered for me during the first months as I had encountered some issues never before but the Lord’s hand lifted me above all and after two months I was up and running again!

Youth Conference

Youth Conference

We had our first youth conference in July 5-6th and met an awesome group of youth and youth leaders. I would say it was a Holy Ghost blow out! I was blessed to minister to many youth the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. We sent the youth out to the streets filled with the fire of God. There were testimonies of healings and salvations, lots of fellowship. I simply love to teach and had opportunities to do that.

Merlin and Annie and I were used by the Lord to see a dramatic rescue at the concert in the midst of heat breaking whether we had this year. Many times as a team we just kept going during critical weather patterns and God breaks through.   

During Faith Hope and Love week, we experienced great breakthroughs at the Prayer Celebration on the circle and the week as over 1000 participated this year bringing the Lord’s presence into the city.


FHL Week 2012

FHL Week 2012

During FHL week, I had my first stay over of youth at our home that participated during this week. One particular day we ended up exactly at Midwest food bank at the time they needed help getting out 1000’s of cantaloupes and water mellows. It was awesome to see the Lord put that together. At the same time this group of youth from Anderson with Sarah Pierce was spurred on as she and her husband Keith then launched from this experience into their own outreach in Anderson area – an whole week encounter!

We ministered to the Hispanic churches and was invited to help



usher the presence of the Lord. Merlin and Bill started Food Pantries with these Hispanic churches. Don and I were blessed to have part of our worship team with Hispanics, I was blessed to be able to minister the baptism of the Holy Spirit to the churches. Pastor Jose led several to the Lord as a result of being trained in evangelism for the first time in years.

Holy Spirit poured out on his church also as well as the other church. They both are experiencing great breakthroughs with the food pantry startups with the assistance of FHL. We believe this is an end time strategy to help supply foods to territories in need as well as create evangelistic opportunities.

Heal the Land Kindness Day

Heal the Land Kindness Day

Then came the land clean up’s “keeping your land beautiful ” fall Kindness days at 38th and Grace where FHL was used to mobilize over 400 and more volunteers during  2 outreaches. On one particular outreach we saw the Lord move in many spectacular ways. I had a virus I couldn’t shake for about 3 weeks and this day was cold and wet when we started, I got healed as I went this day to help out! Then the weather changed as the storm spilt and moved around us (again). At the end of this day we saw a great salvation take place as literally one girl on her way to shop lift was convicted and asked us for help as she was being abused, without food or her urgent needs. We were able to minister to her, lead her back to the Lord and get her “up and running again”. So much fun!

Disaster Response Training Conference

Disaster Response Training Conference

This fall I had my first FHL Disaster Response training conference at Bread of Life which was a blessed time by all as we learned the basics to responding to crisis and also heard the “forecast” to come. Being prepared is wise. We had a great time with Chuck Reber whom is on the board at Crisis Response International.

It was a year of firsts for me. We had our first 12 hour intercession for the

12/12/12 Prayer/Worship

12/12/12 Prayer/Worship

nation and then again on 12/12/12. I was filled by the time this night ended. We had times where the children even got involved and training took place. As well as interceding for the city we were privileged to minister to many and saw healings and deliverances take place. We were so blessed to have several  worship teams join us for these events as we praised the Lord. As you spend time in his presence the Lord will begin to strengthen you and 12 hours was not a strain at all. Stay tuned for the next plan!

FHL Christmas Entertainment Program at Mall

FHL Christmas Entertainment Program at Mall

Last but not least we had the privilege to do a Christmas outreach Christmas program in Greenwood park mall. Not noticing the store across from us is called “ Nervana” a non-Christian religion and although as the word puts it “opposition but with many doors open to share the gospel” the Lord gave me the grace to breakthrough and we did sing “ the Name of Jesus is lifted high no other name but the name of Jesus “ as well as sing Christmas carols and share the good news of the birth of Christ with the rest of our team as they were all a part of it. Thank you for those who helped this day!

Speaking about firsts, Merlin president of Faith Hope and Love wrote his first book. If you want to see us in action and hear the testimonies from his life and ours check out his book “ Kingdom in our Midst” at CreateSpace at or or from we will donate $1 per book to Faith Hope and Love for backyard missions to expand the Kingdom in our midst! A few copies left at the office with Christmas specials. We still have some CD’s left from “River’s of God” musical and scriptural meditations that you will enjoy and has been powerfully used of God to see breakthroughs.

As you can see, sometimes until you write things down you don’t realize how much the Lord had his hand on us all year to see blessings and breakthrough as he asked us to participate and come alongside him. Again thank you for your prayers and partnering with us.

If you desire to partner with us in ministry, help fund us a s a locate missions please email me your intentions and desires. We love to see God use you in greater and greater ways.

Pray for vision for 2013. He is already showing us great things to come that he is asking us to partner with Him.

Bless you,

Donna Cherry

Ministry director of FHL

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