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Words, prayers and declarations from the July, 2003 50 State Tour in Indiana

* Will Ford, III – Indiana, God is dreaming about you!

* Jim Chosa – “Oh, Indiana if you only knew. if you only understood what I have placed in the land, the deposits that I have spoken and released by My Word—the seed of the Word that is in the heart of our nation in Indiana.”

*Chuck Pierce- You will have tremendous conflicts but the evangelistic gift will be restored in Indiana. You’ll be sending out from Indiana throughout the world. You are an Army in Indiana filled with God’s presence, God’s Love. You are going to be cohesive enough that you move in this state so you change the atmosphere of the state. Under stand these are key times, understand them and move forward and liberate the harvest field of Indiana.

* Dutch Sheets : Are there some new beginnings for America that are to begin in Indiana. Maybe Indiana is supposed to be a coat of many colors, maybe you are a key to some things that have to do with healing a nation, some kind of liberty thing that God wants to bring to Indiana some sort of deliverance movement or mantle…coming to you maybe there is a liberty in the spirit that would translate freedom for believers, but mass deliverance, jubilee, the captive letting go of something that has to come forth out of Indiana first in the sense of deliverance or freedom or Jubilee or liberty; maybe .a fullness of liberty, fullness of redemption.

There is something to do with firsts. First strikes that have to do with this state that are first for the nation. This is a forerunning state in the sense of covenant, asking people to move into a higher level of covenant. First Strike -Jericho- Maybe the Son is saying “I want to be a First Strike Captain in Indiana.” Maybe He is going to lead you into some victories to initiate , revivals for the rest of the nation. I am just going to tell you right now, They is coming!

First Strike places have to do with miraculous provisions , the supernatural element of the Lord that comes and begins to multiply. It must have to do with some sort of multiplying of harvest. Maybe where God is about to strike first is this younger generation, and the revival in the college campuses is going to start right here in Indiana. “Lord, .is it going to begin in Indiana or is this going to be one of the “First Strike” states. First Strike people have to be people who insist on heavenly strategy!

Invite those who have same heart and desire.

Bless you Donna

Welcome to FHL CityWide Prayer Blog!

Someone once said that knowledge is power. But another said that knowledge unused is powerless. Same thing with technology and countless resources that God give us…if unused and not utilized will be just a sore thumb sticking out and wasted. We can’t stand still or we’ll get run over.

Merlin Gonzales,  Founder, FHL International, Inc.


Dear Friends,

This is my very first blog for FHL CityWide Prayer!  I thought I would start with a testimony I received from one of our CityWide Prayer participants.  Here’s what she had to say:

I loved the circle.  I absolutely loved standing there worshiping God at the center of our state, center of our government, taking back the land for God.  That was so totally cool.  Loved hearing the areas of our city (education, government, etc.) being prayed over, prophesied into, etc.

I thought it was well organized. I of course loved the praise and worship.  Debi

What a wonderful encouragement to begin this conversation with you!  I’ll have much more to share with you in future posts as CityWide Prayer continues its ministry on behalf of our city of Indianapolis, IN.  So please bookmark our site and visit us again!

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